Consider China Chef for Your Next Event

 If you are located in the greater Chicago area, the next time you are looking for a venue to please your friends or impress your boss, consider China Chef. Just North of downtown Chicago, China Chef has a long history of serving delicious food to satisfied customers. With several options for providing Chinese food at events, they will be able to work with you to wow your guests and colleagues while giving them something a little different.

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Try something new in Chinese take out with China Chef of Illinois

Who are they? China Chef is located in Morton Grove, IL, just North of downtown Chicago. Their location is great for an event. They are just off of I-94, so getting there by car is much easier than navigating the traffic in downtown. They are also a short walk away from the Morton Grove bus stop. The restaurant was originally founded in 1977 by Joyce and Arthur Fong. After more than 40 years in business, they are clearly doing something right. The menu mostly focuses on Chinese food; specifically, Cantonese food from the Guangdong Province along the Southeast coast of China. They also have an interesting, extensive selection of Filipino dishes and some modern Western foods, like chicken fingers. Whether your guests are adventurous and hoping to try something they’ve never had before, like swamp cabbage, or a little more tentative, China Chef can provide something for everyone. The owners and staff have a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, preparing all of their fare fresh, and keeping the traditional recipes as authentic as they can. Having a business lunch with China Chef will definitely be a refreshing change from the banal pizza buffet or sandwich platters of the past.

China Chef
China Chef

An extensive menu of Cantonese and Filipino delights


If you and your colleagues are looking for take out to eat in the office, China Chef has a huge carry out menu. They have a wide range of appetizers and soups for those that would like a lighter meal, and generous main dishes for those looking to really refuel. They have some of the classic dishes you would expect to find on a Chinese take away menu, like fried rice, egg foo young, moo shu, chop suey, lo mein and chow mein. However, they do have a few interesting twists thrown in for the adventurous diners that want to try something really original; like pineapple fried rice. They have a good selection of dishes featuring beef, pork, chicken, duck, seafood, and fish, as well as a perfectly respectable array of vegetarian dishes. However, what really makes their carry out menu stand out compared to other Chinese restaurants, is the selection of Filipino dishes. The Chinese have had a major influence over Filipino culture and cuisine since the 10th century, that was how the Philippines first learned cooking techniques such as steaming and sautéeing. Then, in the 16th century, Ferdinand Magellan led a Spanish expedition to the Philippines and claimed all of the islands as a Spanish colony. The influences of Spanish culture and cooking also took root in the Philippines. Some of the resulting dishes are an amazing and unique combination of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish cooking all mixed together. Keep your eye out especially for the ho do tai soup and the lechon. Ho do tai soup is a broth soup originally from Cantonese cuisine made with slices of meats and vegetables that is special because it is served with a raw egg cracked on the top. And lechon is a pork dish the Philippines adopted from Spanish cuisine. A whole pig is seasoned, disemboweled and roasted on a spit in a charcoal pit while being slowly rotated and basted for several hours. Lechon is so popular in the Philippines, it has actually been declared one of their national dishes. China Chef becomes an even more appealing lunch option when you get to the end of their menu and see they have an entire page specifically dedicated to lunch specials where you can order select dishes at a reduced price during lunch hours, Monday through Saturday.


Host your next event at China Chef and relax with your guests


If you would like to tantalize your guests with delicious Chinese fare at your next event, but do not want the hassle of deep frying all of those egg rolls yourself, then consider letting China Chef do all of the work! They offer several options for large groups to dine in the restaurant. They have family packages, which include deals for groups of 3 to 12 people. These packages offer a set menu that you can choose ahead of time. Each set menu contains a selection of soup, appetizers and main dishes for your guests to share and enjoy. They will get the opportunity to taste dishes they may have been too nervous to order on their own. For more formal events, China Chef offers banquet dining. These packages also include a variety of set menus and the host pays per table, rather than per guest. Each set menu will provide each guest with a full meal and they have a wide price range so that you can choose the menu that best suits your event and your budget. The chefs have even provided a menu for children with slightly less exotic dishes.

China Chef
China Chef

Let China Chef bring a taste of Southeast Asia to you


China Chef offers a full catering service if you would prefer to hold your event at another venue. You will be able to enjoy a delicious range of Chinese dishes wherever you are, at the office, in a ballroom or even at your own home. They have a large menu with over 30 options that are available to add to a catering menu. They can also provide disposable plates and cutlery for your event. These include some of their more standard Cantonese dishes as well as some of their popular Filipino specialties, like pancit guisado. No matter the occasion, quality Chinese catering will allow you to focus on enjoying your event rather than stressing about the food and make your event stand out for your guests.

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